APPI-Com LR Radio

Full Duplex, Hands-Free Communication, unlimited team members with 1.3 mile range with excellent penetration through buildings and confined spaces.



The APPI-Com is the first of its kind here in the USA. It is a radio system that sets up its own secure network on a License-free frequency.  No base station is required, so you can move where the work is or where your team is.  The radios utilize full duplex communication (not a VOX system and not a Push To Talk Walkie Talkie) through a new method of processing voice data and transmission.


  • Full-Duplex, hands-free communication
  • 3 people can talk at the very same type; unlimited users can participate to the conversation
  • 1.3 Mile / 2KM line of sight range
  • Excellent structure penetration through multiple concrete floors in buildings or parking structures
  • Noise canceling microphones and headsets available
  • Integrated DSP Noise Cancellation in the radios
  • Choose from several different headsets, throat mic, ear bone mic and speaker combination, all based on your type of rescue team or application.
  • IP66 / IP67 (waterproof up to 3-feet for up to 30-minutes)
  • Ruggedized structure to handle multiple drops
  • Bluetooth enabled (optional)
    – Parent Mode = pair with a headset
    – Child Mode = pair with a cell phone / satellite phone / Bluetooth Repeater Radio network, allows another member from your team to call into the group from a remote location
    – Video Mode = pair with a cell phone and record a live video with headset communication for training
  • Lone Worker Protection (LPW) / Man Down team awareness
  • Encrypted network so other users will not accidently land on your channel
  • Wizzy wig configuration portal software for easy radio setup
  • For Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT), Bomb Squad, Environmental Response Team, Heavy Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue and Swift Water Rescue.


APPI-Com LR Radios with Bluetooth capability

Full Duplex, hands free – no push to talk

  • Unlimited users can be added to your channel
  • 1.3Mile / 2KM line of sight range; penetration within buildings, parking structures, and other urban environments is very good due to our method of sending packets versus long wave signals. 

Bluetooth enabled with Parent and Child configuration; Parent allows you to pair with a headset, Child allows you to pair with a cell phone/Sat phone / Bluetooth walkie talkie radio for handling incoming calls from remote areas to your group.  Excellent for getting communication going with disparate teams for critical decisions.  Additionally, when paired with a phone, one can video for training purposes and capture the headset communication along with the training exercise.

Built-in Communication Functions

ï         Simultaneous  conversations at one time, excellent for teams that need instant communication with other members where time is of the essence.  No more waiting for a Push To Talk channel to open up or stuck Mic’s locking up  your important frequency

ï         True hands-free communication

ï          Noise canceling technology; you can stand next to loud equipment or machinery (e.g., 110db+) and only capture the voice as the headsets and radio use DSP technology for clear voice transmission

Microphone sensitivity adjustment – using  the VOX function you can lower (e.g. extremely loud environments) or increase (applications where low voice or whispering is needed) the sensitivity of the microphone

ï         Loan Worker Protection: if a team member is down, the system will signal for him to move or speak, if he doesn’t the system will radio the others on the team a member is down

 Loan Worker Protection Configuration: specify any notification time for user and group (e.g., 30-seconds – notify user to speak / 10-seconds later no response from user – notify group)

ï         Free bands = No Licensing fee to you and no monthly or annual subscription fees, you own it after you buy it

Additional Features

0.5Watt radio for low power consumption.  Don’t confuse a 0.5watt radio with distance as our special frequency wave produces the distance.
•         Military grade Fisher Connectors for a true plug and play radio to headset connection; pull the coupler to release the cable from the radio.  Ensures that you don’t accidently become disconnected.
•         OLED display to be seen in bright sunlight or night time
•         USB recharging cable, also acts as programing cable when configuring the radio
•         Rechargeable battery:  1.5 hour recharge time; 8-hour talk time, 7-hour talk time with Bluetooth paired device; option to work in low power mode for extended battery life up to 1-hour more, Optional auxilery battery for extended battery life
•         Audible battery signal alert in headset: 20/10/5% indicators as well as a 20-minute timer to shut off and power down audible, especially helpful when working on a team project.
•         Audible battery signal alert in headset: 20/10/5% indicators as well as a 20-minute timer to shut off and power down audible, especially helpful when working on a team project.
•         Hardwire two radios for areas with thick concrete, or ground penetration for connecting disparate teams.  Both teams will be able to communicate clearly.  Cable options range up to 100-feet.

•         Orange BS-APC-RUBO01 Rugged shock, dust and moisture-resistant protective case
•         Users Guide
•         APPI-Com LR radio with embedded bluetooth module BS-APC2-OPTBT
•         2-foot USB charging / configuration cable
•         Landyard
•         Two-year limited warranty

Tech Specs

Tech Specs


3-feet under water for up to 30-minutes


91mm x 48mm  x 15mm

Product Weight:

3.0 oz. (86 gm)


Li-Poly 3.7v/rechargeable

Display Type:

OLED Display with multiple segments

Radio & CEM Parameters:

FCC part 15.247


Free Bands:

902-928 MHz FHSS



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