This allows you to be fully enclosed in your hazmat suit and be working on your biological/chemical situation with both hands focused on your clean up with your Hazmat team.

The INVISIO earbone mic and speaker are low profile and allow you excellent hearing and speaking capability. See our SCBA video below. Great demonstration of clarity and hands free communication.

The optional power pack can give you up to 20 hours of talk time or swap out the optional battery pack with another one for unlimited communication if you have another shift coming in to manage the problem.

We know each Hazmat team has unique challenges and gear, so please contact us and we can provide you with a demo kit to test in your environment.

As reported on the HAZMAT 2017 website: In 2010, fire departments across the country responded to a total of 402,000 hazardous materials calls.
– Source: NPFA, Fire Loss in the United States 2010, Michael J. Karter, Jr., September 2011, and previous reports in the series

SCBA Video