Got Training

Whether you are at your training facility recording routine training and critiquing tactics or out in field recording a special training scenario we give you the tools to capture the critical communication between the members in the training exercise.

Through our patented video, communication and recording of a group within the communication loop, you save lots of time not having to edit, drop in voice overs as it is all there. If you want to edit, download the video file and edit as you normally do.

Having the video file with communication embedded from all the team members on our radio system, allows for instant feedback of what was said and done during the training.

In this example, we have an iPhone paired with a APPI Com radio, we have a trainer on another radio using a nuff headset asking the first responder to breathe heavy. The first responder is wearing an ear bone mic and speaker system under his gear. We are capturing the live communication between trainer and trainer. You can have unlimited people on the radio network with up to three people speaking at one time.

SCBA Training Video