The APPI Com LR radios offers full-duplex hands free communication, allowing 3 people to speak simultaneously with unlimited users and a range of 1.3 miles.

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Confined Spaces

The ability to hardwire radios gives you the flexibility to have communication with the ground task force while working within the confined space several hundred feet away in a tunnel or deep extraction.

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Since 1975, RICE Hydro has been serving the Fire Industry with our trusted Fire Hose Testers. We understand the needs of Fire Departments and ensure our products are made from the highest quality components and are built to last.

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Got Training Needs?

You are conducting a training and you have multiple scenarios happening in a coordinated effort, communication and timing are critical, now you can capture the radio communication and video through our patented technology
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For Today's Teams

Today’s HAZ MAT, Confined Space, Swift Water Rescue and SAR teams are tasked with more responsibility and quicker response times to lead a successful rescue.  One of those advantages that we can help with is in the area of rapid communication with your team.

Ever been fully geared up with your HAZ-MAT suite, SCBA or crawling in a tight crawl space and wish you had a means to communicate hands free while working within the scene?  

Well now you can, thanks to a recently patented technology that allows for full-duplex, hands free communication with up to 3-people speaking at one time.  Unlimited users.

3-People Can Speak at the Same Time
Unlimited Users
2 Year Warranty


In 2014, this system was developed in conjunction with the French Fire Brigade and their HAZ-MAT, confined space, swift water rescue and SAR teams.  What they were challenged with was what many of you are faced with when needing to use their hands while communicating quickly and timely.

Now that the radio system has been vetted in Europe we are launching the communications program here in the USA.  

Featured Products

Though rescues are similar in situation, the needs of you and your team will likely be different than what is practiced overseas.  So we want to work closely with you, understand the gear you wear, the training you undergo, the situations you may encounter and make sure the combination of ear bone mic with speaker or special headsets accompanied with a water proof APPI-Com radio are exactly what you need.

Please call us and we can configure an evaluation unit for you and your team.

APPI-Com LR Radio

Full Duplex, Hands-Free Communication, unlimited team members with 1.3 mile range with excellent penetration through buildings and confined spaces.

INVISIO Ear Bone Speaker

The INVISIO ear bone speaker and mic combination (Right ear shown) are perfect for those who are in loud environments where extremely high wind or noise is a factor. These military grade in-ear communication is excellent for those environments where one may need to wear a respirator or other protective head gear. Both ears will have sounds with one ear having the mic combination. For the left ear bone speaker mic combination use BS-APC-M3hL01.

INVISIO FIRE Ear Bone Speaker

The INVISIO FIRE ear bone speaker and mic combination (Right ear shown) is rated up to 250C/480F. These military grade in-ear communication is excellent for those environments where one may need to wear a respirator or other protective head gear and are exposed to extreme heat. Single ear option.